and a touch of madness.

Our ideas are our essence

Every single day since this company was founded seventy years ago we have been creating, developing, and nurturing our ideas.
We won’t pretend it’s easy. Helping embryonic ideas emerge out of the darkness, developing them to the point at which they can shine on their own merits, and following them through to completion – for ourselves, our clients and our partners – requires courage, belief and passion. And with the arrival of LED technology – which has created a stir on the lighting market, introducing a degree of uncertainty, but also bringing with it a whole range of new opportunities – the challenge is greater than ever. But we aim to go on channelling all our energies efforts in to giving life to new ideas, knowing that they will give us the strength to carry on making a difference.

Passion is what inspires us to do what we do.

Each and every day of these past seventy years, from the first to the last, always different and yet true to ourselves.
Just like water from a mountain spring which never ceases to flow, we continue to evolve and develop, and yet deep down we have never really changed.
The reason is simple: the source of our ideas is our constant passion for our work.
So while the ideas may change, the source remains the same.

Passion as a source of partnership.

Transmitting passion is a matter of deeds, and not words.
Our vision for our brand is the embodiment of the passion we put into our work.
That work is the creation of light.
We help our partners create light through our ideas.
Ideas that sustain, support and unite a network of partners and associates around the world.

Partnership as a source of ideas.

We believe in collaboration as a source of inspiration, growth and progress.
We believe that ideas provide fundamental energy for business.
We believe – profoundly – that our role is at your side.
We are convinced that “We” will always be stronger than “I”.
We endeavour to do our best every day in all that we do and for everybody that we do it for.
We are at our partners’ sides, step by step and whether our journey together is short or long,
we do everything in our power to make sure that it is as smooth and as fruitful as possible.


What ideas are made of.

Ideas cannot be seen, but they make the difference in our work, which is essentially the work of giving life to light.
Our work is simple: we transform ideas – our ideas, those of our clients and our partners – into light. We give form and substance to ideas and dreams.
But what are ideas made of?

Ideas are made of words.

People talk to each other exchanging opinions, experiences, dreams. Then theybegin to see the world in a different light.

Ideas are made of air.

One can breath ideas.
Ideas help us to live and show us that anything is possible.
They are tangible but yet difficult to grasp.

Ideas are made of fire.

They can change the world.

Ideas are made of energy.

But without help, they cannot be born. they require somebody to give life to them.

Ideas are lightnings.

Ideas are sparks that come to life in an instant and never go out.
Ideas are stars born to guide us in the darkness and take us exactly where we want to go.

Ideas are made of light.


New wings for our ideas.

The world is changing.
Our horizons are expanding while distances are shrinking.
To capture all of the opportunities that come our way, we need a strong pair of wings to fly beyond borders and take our ideas to our clients, wherever they may be.

New wings for our brand.

Our brand has undergone a transformation.
The stylized hawk logo, which had been with us since the day we were founded, has been transformed into a living creature.
We now have a fresh, modern, dynamic pair of wings, to communicate all our energy and new ideas and to take us closer to the light; to cross every border; to reach all of our partners; and to allow our ideas and the ideas of those who work with us to soar.
Our brand has evolved to ensure our image better reflects who we have become. And to reflect the way ideas have changed us over the years.

New wings for our business.

New markets, new sectors, new products.
LED technology is changing the face of the market we serve. We have therefore decided to extend our portfolio of products to address the LED market, offering a wider range, including complementary products, but without changing
our core business.
To increase our chances of success on these markets, we continue to invest each year in technology research and development in order to make sure that we can offer clients the benefits of a truly cutting-edge product portfolio.


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