Our headquarters in Olginate, the place where our ideas are born.

Set amongst the peace and natural beauty of Lake Lecco and just a stone’s throw from Brianza, one of the most highly productive regions in the whole of Italy, lies an area in which a wide range of cutting-edge enterprises, dedicated to craft manufacturing, commerce and industrial scale production, have set up home and flourished thanks to a strong spirit of cooperation and partnership.
This is also the home of our company’s headquarters.

“That branch of lake Como which turns toward the south.”
Lake Olginate, the river Adda, its tributary ravines and gorges and the Lombard Prealps provide this jewel of a town with a backdrop of land and water that is first and foremost a pleasure for the eyes.

A product of its surroundings and a producer of ideas.
This is the location we chose for our headquarters. It was here that seventy years
ago, a small group of businessmen, craftsmen and people inspired by a genuine passion embarked on the adventure that was to become A.A.G. Stucchi.
We are still here today, working to give form and substance to carefully thought out ideas in a vast industrial space in which we design, manufacture and stock all of our products and which represents our launch pad to a market of 80 countries around the world.

Capturing our ideas.
Predicting the future is a difficult task. What is possible, however, is anticipating future trends and staying ahead of the game by devising solutions to meet new and old challenges alike.
Our expert designers are constantly working on creating tomorrow’s products. Each and every detail is carefully conceived, drawn, tested and finally built, and the resulting object – with that perfect blend of form and functionality that marks out a great idea – is reproduced millions of times over.

Building our ideas.
An idea is a good one when it leads to lots of other ideas. Our production department contains 50 injection moulding machines and 30 cutting and bending machines, enabling us to create utterly modern forms and shake produced to the highest standards of quality.
Our production chain, which sees man and machine working together in perfect harmony at every step, is completed by 50 automatic assembly machines.

Our “ideas store”.
The A.A.G. Stucchi warehouse contains more than 120 million components, any one of which can be pulled ready for use in a matter of minutes.
The warehouse is the cutting-edge core of our logistics operations, deploying advanced technologies that allow us to efficiently manage the 13,000 EUR-pallets stored here without any damage to stock.

160 employees in 2014
45.000 m2 of production space
80 countries around the world
50 automated assembly machines
1500 items in our catalogue
13.000 EUR-pallets storage capacity of our automated warehouse